Game currency:

Adena - you can get it by killing monsters in the game world

Coin of Luck - special currency players can receive by supporting us

L-Coin - you can get it by killing monsters in the game world

Shiny Coin - received for participating in events.

S Grade Weapons/Armor:

System upgrade to S grade realize in our [ALT+B] Store.

S grade Recipe and Pieces you can get from killing Goldberg.

Goldberg's Steward respawn time 20 minutes.

Appearance System:

You can upgrade you Transformation maximum to Rare.

Transformation Sealbook Fragment can receive in Heavenly Rift.

Transformation Sealbook Fragment can buy in Olympiad Store.

Olympiad Store:

Some new items sell in Olympiad Store for Mark of Battle:

- Transformation Sealbook Fragment

- Doll of Border – Baium 7 days

- Doll of Border – Queen Ant 7 days

- Doll of Border – Orfen 7 days

- Doll of Border – Frintezza 7 days

Other Changes:

Return penalty for grade equipment.

Limit players in Clan – 100.

From Hero you can get Hero`s Cloak.

In Drop Lilith / Anakim add Baium Soul with 20% chance.

In Drop Priest add Epic Jewelry with 15% chance.

Server rates


Exp: x10

SP: x10

Adena: x4

Drop/Spoil: x2

Auto learn skill to 75 lvl

Bonus Premium: +30%

Raid Boss Drop: х1,5


Safe: +3

Max: +16

Enchant Chance: 55%


Maximum Clients per computer: 3

Auto Loot for items from monsters & and manual pickup for raid bosses

Buff duration : 4 hours

Offline store (.offline)

Services, Buffer [ALT+B]

Shift+Click on the monster shows you its droplist & chances

1st, 2nd and 3rd class transfer are free on our server!

Total buff slots 24 and 12 Songs & Dances

Protection system - ActiveAnticheat antibot, 100% anti adrenaline or any known bot software!